Helping natural food companies
sell products and build their brand
on Amazon.


Here's how we work:

Riverboat adapts the Amazon sales approach specifically for natural packaged food brands. We partner with your team to get your products optimally placed, discovered, and sold on Amazon.


1. Set-up

We start by placing your products into the right Amazon platform to meet your sales and brand needs.

Then we build out your listing to optimize for search, as well as tell your brand story.

Last step is getting your inventory into Amazon's warehouses so you're ready to start selling.


2. Generate Buzz

We then build customer awareness so your products begin to sell.

We get initial sales through sampling and influencer programs on and off Amazon.

Then, we work to generate positive reviews so Amazon shoppers who see your brand will be compelled to buy.


3. Sell Through

By this point, your product is starting to move and now, we pour on the gas.

We build targeted ad campaigns on Amazon (and off) to reach new buyers.

Finally, we add up-sell programs like subscriptions and work with Amazon buyers to expand into Amazon Pantry and more.

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Prime Partners

We partner with your team to get your products optimally placed, discovered, and sold to Amazon's 90MM+ Prime households.


Our Services

Our work is specific to Amazon but our approach respects the integrity of your brand's mission.


Launch Strategy

We start our engagement by taking a holistic look at your business from marketing objectives to sales strategies, distribution, product offerings and revenue projections to determine the best course to take on Amazon.



Marketing & Merchandising

Amazon reviews are the social proof to prospective customers that they’ll like your product and should buy it. We start by reaching real customers to leave these reviews then turn up the sales volume through targeted ad campaigns. We help build recurring sales through Amazon merchandising like Subscribe & Save, Dash buttons.


Brand Management & Support

We handle everything with your Amazon business and act as an extension of your team. From handling the day to day to monthly reporting calls with management.  If you’ve ever tried to contact Amazon with an issue you know how challenging it can be. At Riverboat, we’re your concierge into Amazon so you can focus on other things.



We work with your co-packers and warehouse teams to ensure Amazon inventory is always in stock across Amazon fulfillment locations, as well as determine ways to reduce Amazon shipping and warehouse fees. 



Let us be your guide.

Riverboat is a boutique broker that works exclusively with natural food brands helping them market and sell on Amazon.

We are experienced guides and know the trade routes to help you navigate your way to success on Amazon.


Mike Sitrin, Founder

Mike spent 18 years in Silicon Valley building successful products and consumer brands to include Crackle (acquired by SONY) and Spinner (acquired by Aol.)

Now living in Boulder, Mike worked at the award winning agency, CP+B, as Managing Director of their Innovation Group. Combining his CPG, tech experience, and taste for natural foods, he launched Riverboat to help innovative food brands grow on Amazon.

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Sam Sklawer, Operations Manager

Sam manages client operations and logistics to ensure their products are fully optimized for maximum sales potential on Amazon.

Prior to Riverboat, Sam worked as an Auditor for RSM US LLP, an international public accounting firm. Sam graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Accounting.


Jenny Sitrin, Copy Editor

Jenny writes the Amazon copy to enhance SEO, while writing in the brands’ voice.

Jenny’s background in retail pharmacy and pharmaceutical clinical trials gives her an advantage in understanding the nutritional science behind the natural food brands we represent.

Who Calls on Us

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Natural Packaged Goods Brands with:

  • A shelf stable product applicable to sell in Whole Foods to a national audience

  • A compelling brand story

  • At least $1 million in sales across all channels.


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